Machining Services

Motion Kits
We can now offer fully machined valve motion kits for Simplex, Speedy, Torquay Manor, Nigel gresley etc, kits include coupling rods, connecting rods, union link, combination levers, radius rods, eccentric rods (to drawing or your own dimensions for valve setting) Most designs manufactured please contact us with your requirements. We can now also offer profile blanks for any design, leaving you to finish as you wish.
Large radius machining.
We offer a machining service for all those large and difficult to hold jobs such as Chimney, Dome bases, smoke box saddles etc.
Cylinder machining
We offer a full cylinder machining service from the solid, castings or refurbishment of your current cylinders. Gunmetal or Cast Iron, Piston or Slide Valve, Bronze or PTFE Piston rings.